Project: Velyria

2010-11-03 13:43:45 by MADSOFT

Project: Velyria is a browser-based MMO we're building. You can sign up for beta access RIGHT HERE!

Project: Velyria

MADSOFT Community Beta now OPEN!

2009-09-20 05:35:10 by MADSOFT

Title says it all!


2009-05-03 20:26:08 by MADSOFT

April 28th, 2009.
MADSOFT Games is officially a LLC.!

Site Update

2008-12-14 13:57:52 by MADSOFT

Hey everyone, the team and I just made a completely new website for MADSOFT Games, to make it look more professional, I haven't linked it through the site link on this page's left bar, but if you want to visit the new site, which is in HTML this time instead of 100% Flash, just click HERE =)



2008-11-10 00:52:25 by MADSOFT

I finally released pixel2. You can play it HERE

Good luck getting both trophies, but if you DO get both (somehow) I greatly apologize for not including the bonus level you supposedly unlock, I'll be updating the game this week with the aforementioned "bonus level" AND leaderboards.
But for now, enjoy the game! =P

EDIT: Here's some screenshots of my new game project!


Blog updates

2008-07-08 07:37:46 by MADSOFT

I've been updating the MADSOFT Blog a lot more than the Newgrounds one, if you're interested in Legend Of The Warrior series/game and Pixel2, you should check out the blog for more development info.
Also, the site got a little update, but it'll go back to daily updates soon.

That's all for now~

[EDIT]: Here's a promotional image~

Blog updates

pixel 2 in the works!

2008-06-02 17:06:30 by MADSOFT

After getting a good score for the first game, which was mostly a experiment to see people's reaction to a game of this genre, I decided to make sequel, but this time with better graphics, a new art style, COLORS, way better animations, effects, and more than 10 levels! =P
I'll be posting some screenshots eventually, but for now, just be patient~
You can read a little more about it here: MADSOFT BLOG

EDIT: Pixel 2 is at about 30% now, it'll probably be done some time Mid-June. That's including all my distractions caused by MGS4 of awesome.

New game released!

2008-05-27 19:53:11 by MADSOFT

Hey everyone! A new side-project game was released today, it's called ". p i X e l" and you guys should check it out. It's a simple side-scrolling game with a black and white theme where you play as a pixel. You have to get through the 10 levels, which start off simple and get harder by the level. Some which you will have to think carefully to get through.
I hope everyone enjoys the game, and try beating my record time which is: 148 seconds!

Trailer is now up!

2008-04-04 00:41:43 by MADSOFT

The Legend Of The Warrior Trailer is now released!
Check it out HERE and enjoy~!
Also, for some reason, the sound is all messed up, but I'll be fixing this later on.

[EDIT]: Blog updated, new team members!
[EDIT2]: Cool, I have a 4.19 Music Batting Average. Too bad my Flash one is only 2.92...

Trailer is now up!

Trailer is on it's way!

2008-04-01 18:42:56 by MADSOFT

'Been practicing by making small minigames, I did about 6 of them, but I Uploaded 2 of them, then deleted one of them. I also fixed up the "Newgrounds Attack" minigame. But didn't upload it yet.

Working on a trailer for LOTW the game. Should be released within the next 2 days.
It's gonna be a little preview of what you are to expect from the game~
Nothing else new other than that it's gonna be also posted on youtube, the Madsoft website and the LOTW Website...

Game Update: Worked on some more levels and planned out some of the programming and ideas for the stats and skill system~ Also, did 2 new cutscenes for the game!

K, that's all.

[EDIT]: MADSOFT Blog. Check it out. You can also go there through the MADSOFT Website.